Better Globe ICT

Better Globe ICT is a trusted supplier of computers, laptops and their accessories. We are able to source for high quality and affordable computers and provide the software needed before delivering and setup at your organization.

We deal in both new and refurbished computers and have capacity to deliver large numbers on short notice. Contact us today for more information

A short list of the main items we supply are;

  1. Personal Computers and Laptops
  2. Printers and Copiers
  3. Back up devices
  4. UPS
  5. Licensed Software - Windows, Server OS and computer applications


Better Globe ICT has expertise in all forms of software installation whether it is;

  1. Windows installation
  2. Linux installation
  3. Server installation and
  4. Applications that run in the 3 operating systems

Of course apart from new installations of the above programs, we also troubleshoot problems that make the systems not function at optimum level.

We also do hardware installation and troubleshooting for new computers, computer accessories, servers, back up devices etc. Contact us today for more information.